Vicky Nash Shaw, ISA CAPP

Authentic Appraisal and Estate Services, LLC is a professional appraisal and consulting firm, specializing in estate and insurance appraisals. Our primary appraiser Vicky Nash Shaw is a certified personal property appraiser, with credentials in Antiques, Art and Residential Contents. With an undergraduate degree and an MBA, she has also graduated from the International Society of Appraisers' basic and specialty courses, and has a strong knowledge of antiques and many types of collectibles. In addition, she has expanded her expertise in antiques and art through specialty training courses and private study. The firm's co-owner Wayne Shaw, a mechanical engineer by training, has a strong knowledge in classic automobiles, trucks and tractors. He maintains the market knowledge enabling the firm to offer vehicles appraisals for insurance and for buying and selling purposes.

We are located on the North Carolina and Virginia border, offering insurance, estate, equitable distribution and charitable contribution appraisals in both states. We primarily serve clients in the Triangle, including Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, and frequently work for clients in Roxboro, Pittsboro, Oxford, Burlington, Wilmington and Henderson, North Carolina. We work routinely in Southside Virginia, including the communities of Clarksville, Bracey, South Hill, Danville and South Boston.

Our specialty appraisals are offered regionally throughout North Carolina and Virginia, as well as nationally, as we have valued items for clients in Florida, South Carolina, Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Canada. Vicky specializes in American 18th, 19th, and 20th century American and French furniture, American ceramics, southern pottery and American coin and sterling silver. She also appraises international decorative arts, including Chinese export porcelain, Asian arts including bronzes and ceramics, Turkish and Moroccan ceramics including Iznik, Ottoman art including Persian miniatures, and Chinese furniture. Another specialty is the area of Japanese arts, and she has appraised Japanese woodblock prints, cloisonné, okimonos, netsukes and pottery. The firm's co-owner Wayne Shaw specializes in classic and stock cars as well as vintage tractors.

Appraisal fees are quoted in hourly rates, or as a flat fee for multiple items. Fees are NOT contingent upon the value of the items appraised. All appraisals are confidential, and carry the seal of our certified appraiser. Appraisals developed by Authentic Appraisal and Estate Services, LLC are in accordance to the ISA's code of ethics and each appraisal is written according to USPAP and ISA guidelines. We maintain copies of all appraisals for 5 years as required by law, and are available to defend our appraisals in a court of law.

Customers include private individuals, bank trust departments, insurance companies, non-profit historical trusts, and attorneys. All client information is kept confidential, but we will supply references upon request. Appraisals are handled discretely and all client information remains confidential.


Vicky Nash Shaw Curriculum Vitae

Academic Background:

Bachelor’s of Science, 1975, University of Kentucky and Master’s of Business Administration, 1981, Marshall University.

Graduate of International Society of Appraiser’s (ISA) Core Course, University of Maryland College, 2004, and graduate of Antiques and Residential Contents Specialty Course, University of Maryland College, 2005.

Graduate of the International Society of Appraisers’ Fine Arts Specialty Course, 2008 and Appraisal of Japanese Prints Course, 2007.

Graduate of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPSP) 15 hour course, August 2008 and the Asheford Institute of Antiques, February 2005. Attended independent appraisal educational courses such as National Appraisal Consultants’ “Appraiser’s Boot Camp."

Attends ISA's Appraiser’s continuing education lecture series and conferences, including recently “Made in China: Export porcelain for England and America”, "Considering Picture Frames When Appraising Fine Art", “Cabinetmaking in the late 18th & 19th century Baltimore," and "Amish Quilts of Lancaster County". 2011 ISA specialty seminars attended include “American Folk Art, Past through Present: Real or Fake”, “Sculpture by Remington and Russell” and “A Survey of Southern Pottery: Characteristics and Value Factors.” Appraisal theory seminars attended include “Appraising Tax Appraisals: The (IRS) Reviewer’s Perspective,” “IRS and the Appraiser”, and “The Basics of Expert Witness.”

Attends specialty courses; recent Asian ceramics courses include “18th, 19th and early 20th Century Chinese and Japanese Ceramics - Identification and Authentication” and an advanced course “Identifying and Valuing Later Asian Art,” both taught by Dr. Daphne Rosenzweig, PhD. Other ceramics courses include “English Ceramics, circa 1680-1860” by Patricia Halfpenny of Winterthur.

Attended advanced furniture courses such as "18th - 20th Century Furniture - Sorting out the Fakes” and “Fakes and Frauds of the 19th and 20th Century” by David Lindquist; attended specialty furniture courses such as “18th and 19th Century French Formal and Country Furniture” by Elizabeth Lindquist and David Lindquist of Whitehall at the Villa Antiques of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (This course included hands on training in one of the United States’ premier private French furniture collections.) Furniture authentication skills were expanded through attendance to “The Analysis and Authentication of Antiques Furniture.”

Advanced silver training includes “Savvy About Silver” by Shirley Sue Swaab, “Silver and the Modernism Movement” by Rod and Peter Tinkler, and “Important Silver Forms and Unusual Marks”, including American, Spanish and English Colonial silver, Chinese Export silver, English Provincial silver, and Irish and Scottish silver.” Other specialty training includes “Antique Silhouettes” by Peggy McClard, and “Furniture Wood Identification” from David and Elizabeth Lindquist‘s Chapel Hill, NC, Whitehall Antiques Lecture Series.

Attended lectures by renown decorative arts scholars including Sumpter T. Priddy (American Fancy: Exuberance in the Arts), Wendell Garrett (The Rise of American Nationalism) and Tom Savage (Y’all are not from around here, are you?). Maintains market awareness through attending workshops such as "FBI Art Fraud Workshop”, presented by the FBI Art Fraud Team. Expanded Northern European art specialty knowledge with attendance to the North Carolina Art Museum’s seminars, including most recently “The Art and Architecture of Holland and Belgium,” taught by Dr. Dennis P. Weller.

Studied the collections of Chinese ceramics and Chinese furniture at the Shanghai Museum, at the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing, and at the Shaanxi History Museum in Xian, China, in 2008. Toured traditional rug, silk, cloisonné' and jade factories in China.

Advanced Silver Training

For Anatolian and Turkish arts specialty, studied the Turkish arts of Seljuk ceramics, Iznik pottery (Anatolian Pottery) and Turkish miniatures in 2009; studied collections at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul, at the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul, at the Antalya Archaeological Museum in Antalya, and at the Melvana Museum in Konya. Visited independent and commercial Turkish pottery kilns, meeting local potters.

Studied Moroccan Safiot and Fez pottery, Berber rugs and carpets, and traditional Moroccan arts in 2010; viewed collections across Morocco, including the National Moroccan Ceramics Museum in Safi, and the Dar Si Said Museum in Marrakech.

Studies and researches at the Museum of Early Decorative Arts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, most recently attending "The Art of the Carver Furniture Seminar.” Studies at renowned decorative arts exhibitions via special tours; recently attended a lecture and tour of the Maryland Historical Society’s storage vault collection of the Peale Paintings, attended Dewitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum “Pottery with a Past: Stoneware in Early America” and private tour of the North Carolina Museum of Arts’ "The Potter's Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery".

Professional Credentials and Awards:

Award the designation of “ISA Certified Personal Property Appraiser (CAPP)” by the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) in October 2009; previously accredited in 2004. Maintains credentials by meeting ISA continual testing and education requirements.

International Society of Appraisers’ Distinguished Service Award (2008-2009).

Scholarship recipient from the International Society of Appraiser’s Educational Foundation (2006).

Professional Experience and Affiliations:

Founded Authentic Appraisal & Estate Service in February 2004 and incorporated into Authentic Appraisal & Estate Services, LLC in 2008. Currently has over seven years experience in Antiques, Art and Residential Contents’ valuation, and over ten years experience in the field of antiques.

Member of the International Society of Appraisers since 2004. Member of the North Carolina Chapter and of National Capital Area Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers.

Member of the Board of Directors for the Foundational for Appraisal Education 2009-2011, Foundation for Appraisal Education Secretary 2010, Foundation for Appraisal Education Treasurer 2011.

American Ceramic Circle member since 2010.

Member of Durham/Orange County Estate Planning Council since 2005.

Member International Society of Appraisers’ (ISA) Conference Sponsorship Committee in 2008-2009, and adhoc Marketing Committee in 2008.

Member of the International Ivory Society since 2010.

Participated in a mini-appraisal fair with international antiques expert and author Judith Miller in 2007; worked “Roadshow” style appraisal fairs in North Carolina and Florida.

Presents seminars and workshops to professional organizations, including the Durham/Orange County Estate Planning Council, and clients of commercial establishments including Flanders Art Gallery of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Vicky with Steve Slotin
at recent folk art seminar
Vicky Shaw with Amish quilt expert Patricia T. Herr

E. Wayne Shaw Curriculum Vitae

Academic Background:

E. Wayne Shaw

Associate Mechanical Design Degree, 1971, Alamance Community, Burlington, North Carolina.

Graduated US Army Leadership School and Drill Sergeant Academy.

Attended and completed Executive Education Programs at University of North Carolina and Duke University.

Professional Experience and Affiliations:

Co-founded Authentic Appraisal and Estate Services, February 2004; incorporated in 2008. Currently manages the firm's marketing programs, and appraises and brokers vehicles, including street rods, custom cars, vintage (stock) cars, trucks, and tractors.

Prior to 2003, 32 years engineering and marketing experience in telecommunications and technological corporations.

Twelve years experience in selling and valuing cars, trucks and classic vehicles.

Regularly attends major East Coast car shows, including National Street Rod Association, Good Guys car shows and independent car shows such as the Turkey Run (Daytona), Shades of the Past (Pigeon Forge) and Run to the Sun (Myrtle Beach).

Member of the National Street Rod Association.

Member of Good Guys Rod and Custom Association.

United States Army Veteran.

Previous Chairman of the Board of Directors and Vice-President of Berry Hill Plantation Property Owners' Association; currently vice present of Berry Hill Plantation Property Owner's Association.