We hope you select our firm for your appraisal needs. However, if you decide to select another firm, there are some criteria you should consider. Antiques and Residential contents appraisers are not licensed in any state; therefore, you need to be selective when choosing an appraiser.

Since there is no regulation of the appraisal profession, ethics and knowledge of subject matter and of appraisal theory is of utmost importance. Since congress passed the Pension Protection Act of 2006, there are additional considerations you need to make when selecting an appraiser for any work submitted to the IRS or for any federal purpose. To protect yourself, and to meet Federal Requirements, we suggest you follow the following guidelines for appraiser selection:

Taking the time to insure that you are selecting a credentialed and qualified appraiser is worth your time and effort. And remember to always ask for references, even if you don't check them. Any professional appraiser should provide references upon your request. Protect yourself and your collection; take care with your appraiser selection.

Contemporary Turkish Rugs
Late 18th Century
Chinese Imari Plate