As an ISA certified appraiser, Vicky Nash Shaw has been trained and tested by the International Society of Appraisers in the areas of appraisal theory, antiques, residential contents and fine art. She has successfully complete tested curriculum on both decorative arts and fine arts, and is qualified to appraise those items as well as general household goods. To supplement this generalist appraiser's training, she has studied under renowned experts, completed academic research and acquired specialty knowledge in several fields.

In the area or furniture, Vicky has expertise in American furniture, ranging from period Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture to modern designer furniture. She has studied numerous collections, has attended furniture seminars and has researched at the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts. In addition, she is also knowledgeable of French, English and Chinese furniture. One of her sources of training has been specialty furniture classes and seminars by David Lindquist, author, furniture authenticator and owner of Whitehall Antiques; Vicky is qualified to identify, date and appraise period furniture.

Earthenware vessel from the Anatolian Civilization Museum, Ankara, Turkey

Vicky recently attended a specialty lecture by Alexandra Alevizatos Kirtley (of Philadelphia Museum of Art) on "Cabinetmaking in the late 19th and early 19th century." Vicky's knowledge of furniture is well established, as she worked on specialty furniture appraisals for clients in several states and in Canada. Types of American furniture she has appraised include period Queen Anne and Chippendale highboys and desks, a Kindel reproduction Goddard Townsend secretary, a sideboard in the manner of John Shaw, period Federal chests, clocks, period Southern furniture including cellarets, sugar chests, mule chests and blanket chests, and Empire and Empire Revival furniture. She has also appraised Asian furniture as well as furniture by modern designers such as Ray Eames, Herman Miller, Russell Wright, Florence Knoll, and Arne Jacobsen.

American silver, including both sterling and coin silver, is another area of Vicky's specialization. She has studied under renowned silver experts, and has appraised sterling silver by designers such as Georg Jensen and American manufactures such as Gorham, Towle, Kirk, Manchester, Stieff, and Tiffany, just to name a few. Vicky also has a strong knowledge of American porcelain and ceramics, including southern pottery, as well as pieces by traditional North Carolina potters.

Through formal study and academic research, Vicky Nash Shaw has developed a field of specialization Asian ceramics. In addition to studying under Dr. Daphne Rosenzweig, author and professor of Asian studies, Vicky Shaw completed primary research at major museums in China. She has expertise in Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics, and has valued Chinese ceramics dating to Han Dynasty. The types of Chinese antiques and collectibles she has valued include not only Chinese export (Rose Medallion, Canton, and Nanking) porcelain Qing dynasty porcelain, but also Chinese and Japanese bronzes Chinese and Japanese cloisonné, Japanese ivory okimonos and netsuke’s, and Asian jade. She is knowledgeable of Japanese ceramics, including Satsuma, Kutani. Shigaraki and Aritaware, and has appraised several collections of this type of ceramics. She has training in Japanese woodblock prints and has appraised prints by artists such as Hiroshige and Hokusai.


16th Century Ottoman Carafe - Museum Piece inspected by Vicky

Another area where Vicky is working on a field of specialization is Middle Eastern art. She has studied Turkish and Moroccan rugs in both countries, seeing and studying both the contemporary pieces as well as the old carpets in the major museums. She has visited ceramic factories, kilns and pottery workshops in Turkey and Morocco, most recently Safi and Fez. She is familiar with traditional pots and ceramic tiles, as well as the contemporary ceramics of both countries. She is also qualified to appraise Turkish and Moroccan ceramics, Turkish miniature paintings, metal works, traditional arts and silver from both countries. She has studied at major museums in Turkey and Morocco, expanding her expertise in Anatolian, and Iznik decorative arts.

In addition, to these areas of specialization, Vicky has expanded her expertise into other fields. To support her knowledge of American historical paintings, she attended the lecture "Peeling the Peales" by Carrie Rebora Barratt of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She participated in a tour of the Charles Wilson Peale Paintings at the Maryland Historical Society, which included a behind the scenes tour of the Peale paintings in their storage vault. Vicky Nash Shaw has studied Amish Quilts at the Quilt and Textile Museum of Lancaster County and has attended lectures on Amish quilts by noted author and researcher Patricia T. Herr. She attended specialty lectures by Wendell Garrett, author, consultant of Americana at Sotheby's and Editor-at-Large of The Magazine Antiques, Lita Solis-Cohen, Senior Editor of Maine Antique Digest. She has studied southern folk art, including attending a seminar taught by Steve Slotin.

Authentic Appraisal & Estate Services, LLC also offers classic and vintage car appraisals. Wayne Shaw, a member of the Good Guys Car Club and the National Street Rod Association, maintains his awareness of the market by attending car shows, internet research, and dealer research. He appraises vintage cars and trucks, including both street rods and classic stock vehicles.

Porcelain dipped Moroccan ceramics before firing
Turkish Potter at Venessa Seramik Factory, Turkey
Traditional Moroccan kiln currently in use

Chinese artisan at work in cloisonné factory visited near Bejing, China
Vicky at the Quilt and Textile Museum of Lancaster County, PA

Qi Cai Silk Rug Factory visited by Vicky Nash Shaw in Shanghai
Chinese embroidery factory visited in China
Craftsman polishing jade in Chinese factory visited by appraiser