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from an estate sold with our assistance.

We specialize in estate appraisals and consulting. Our confidential services are discrete and confidential, and we endeavor to accommodate the needs of the executor and of the family. Each estate situation is unique and there are often expressed desires of the deceased or of the heirs which must be taken into consideration during estate settlement. Our appraisal and consulting services are customized for each situation, and our services are designed to be unobtrusive and to protect the privacy of the family. We are experienced in working with families during difficult times, and have the proper customer service skills which allow us to work professionally yet empathetically with heirs and families.

We are knowledgeable of the federal requirements for estate tax and probate appraisals, and our appraisals confirm to IRS guidelines and Treasury Regulations. For estates requiring appraisals for the filing of a federal estate tax return or for estate probate, our appraisals are completed in accordance with federal Estate Tax guidelines including Revenue Procedure 65-19 and Tax Regulation 20.31. Our estate appraisals reflect the “fair market value” of items appraised, and we ensure that the appraisal is developed in the most cost-effective manner. When entire estates are appraised, items are inventoried by room, and grouped as allowed by tax regulations.

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We provide a wide range of estate appraisals. When the value of the estate does not require that an estate tax return is filed, estate appraisals can to assist executors and/or heirs in the distribution of the items within. This type of appraisal can assist in the equitable distribution of items of personal property between multiple heirs. We understand wealth management and asset protection, and our appraisals are developed to meet your needs, and are prepared in an efficient and streamlined manner.

As a member of the Durham/Orange County (North Carolina) Estate Planning Council, Vicky Shaw is knowledgeable of challenges which heirs, executors and estates encounter during both estate planning and settlement. She provides custom services, which provide answers, advice and solutions for estate problems encountered by clients. As an unbiased professional, our firm can provide assistance in the estate distribution by providing valuations and distribution methodologies. If assistance is needed during the property allocation process, we can provide assistance in that area as well. Clients intrude estate attorneys, banks, financial management companies and private individuals.