Moorcroft Shreve Bowl
(sold for $6,754.00)

In today's markets, adding to your collection or disposing of some of the items in your collection can be overwhelming. Using the services of a trained independent consultant like Vicky Shaw provides many benefits. As a sales consultant, she will discuss the various markets where the items which you wish to buy or sell are normally sold and we will then provide the pros and cons for each alternative. This allows you to make informed decisions about buying and selling, and to avoid pitfalls of overpaying or underselling. We do not buy or sell, and as an independent consultant, we become your agent.

If you are selling items in your collection, we can help you sell them through sales channels where they will realize their full financial potential and be sold within your time frame. The market changes frequently, and sales venues that were once popular for specific antiques or collectibles may not be in the best current alternative for selling items from your collection. As an independent consultant, we have no affiliation with any dealer, auctioneer, or other selling agent, and we work to represent your interest. Authentic Appraisal & Estate Services, LLC, does not conduct sales of any type. As a seller's advisor, we can help you sell items from your collection through appropriate markets; for example, the market venue for selling a classic automobile is very different from that for selling Chinese furniture.

Items can be sold privately or can be sold through public markets such as auctions and antique dealers. Through our sales consulting service, we can provide recommendations and alternatives that allow you to make informed decisions. Once you have made a decision, if you wish us to provide assistance coordinating the sale, we can contact the dealer on your behalf and finalize the details. We can provide assistance in selling one item, or in selling entire collections. Your confidentiality will be maintained, and your sale will be handled smoothly and professionally. The photographs below are examples of items we have consigned and sold for clients.

1930's Georg Jensen
Grape Design Covered Bowl

(sold for $7,250.00)
1801 $10 Gold Right Eagle
MS 64 (PCGS)

(sold for $97,000.00)

When you wish to expand your collection or wish to acquire specific items, our buying consulting services can be a tremendous asset to you. Avoid over payment by scheduling a pre-purchase evaluation. With the amount of fakes that exist within the antiques and collectibles market, using a buyers' agent may also reduce your exposure to fraud. A trained eye to assist you in your selection can often protect you from sellers who knowingly or unknowingly represent items as something they are not. In addition, we know the current markets, and we know current values; our knowledge and our negotiating skills will often help insure that you pay reasonable prices for items you acquire.

If you are searching for items, we can assist you. As a professional appraisal firm, we often have leads on items being sold in both private and public markets. We can represent your interests in public auctions and sales by locating items, previewing and inspecting items, by attending auctions and sales and even by purchasing on your behalf. You confidentiality will always be maintained through the purchasing process.

The consulting services offered by Authentic Appraisal and Estate Services, LLC can provide you with current market data. Vicky Nash Shaw has provided buying and selling transactions for many different types of items including sterling silver, art glass, ceramics, original oil paintings, engravings, furniture, porcelain, ceramics, Japanese woodblock prints, and gold coins. Talk to us first as you grow or selectively downsize your collection.