Reed and Barton
Sterling Silver

(sold for $400.00)
Oil on Canvas
Pierre de Clausade

(sold for $3,800.00)
Hindu Sandstone
Sold confidentially (2010)

Downsizing is hard to do! As individuals make life decisions, such as relocation, retirement, or changing hobbies, downsizing often becomes an unwelcome reality. When decisions impact the amount and type of personal property that individuals will continue to own, they are often faced with the liquidation challenges. The process can be tedious and painful, but through our expertise we can simply and expedite the task. Whether you are moving into a retirement community or have decided you have more collectibles that you have space, qualified professional assistance can help you navigate through the downsizing process. As a consultant, Authentic Appraisal & Estate Services, LLC can help streamline the process.

Our consulting services help individual families find the best venue or market for selling items from collections or for liquidating items from homes. We do not conduct tag sales nor do we buy from our clients. We are not affiliated with any dealer, auctioneer, or selling agent. Therefore, we can provide alternatives and recommendations for selling items from clients' collections. As your consultant we become your agent, and that entails us providing you with confidential solutions that are customized for you and your situation. All of our conversations with you and our work on your behalf are confidential.

The market where period American furniture should be sold would be very different from where we would recommend that Chinese export porcelain be sold. Matching the items with the best market and sales agent will maximize the proceeds from your sale. We can often broker items without the involvement of a sales agent. When you use our services, Vicky Shaw explains the types of options which are applicable to your needs and requirements, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

If you decide to sell items yourself, or through a yard or tag sale, consulting with us prior to that sale will insure that you don't undervalue any item. Items pictured on this web page are examples of items that we have helped clients liquidate for downsizing purposes (The above photographs are items which we have sold and/or consigned for clients.)

Before downsizing, a short consultation with our firm will give you lots of ideas and suggestions; book your consultation before you start!