18th Century Chest

We frequently receive calls from clients needing information on their antiques, art, and collectibles, who say, “I don’t know if what I have is worth appraising, or I would like to know if something is valuable.” That’s a common dilemma for many individuals, so we offer a verbal consulting service. If you simply don’t know if your collection of silver is actually sterling, coin silver, Sheffield silver or silverplate, a verbal consultation can answer that question for you. If you have a piece of art and just don’t know what it so, a verbal consultation can help you understand exactly what you own.

Do you have Queen Anne style furniture, but don’t know how old it is? Through a verbal consultation and inspection of the furniture, we can estimate the age of your piece, and help you understand construction techniques on which we base our estimated date. Is your piece a period piece, a centennial piece, or a 20th century reproduction? Do you know the difference? They are all topics that are addressed during verbal consultations.

We work with antiques, art and decorative arts on a daily basis and Vicky Nash Shaw has training to help her understand, identify, date and value of your personal property. She deals with many decorative items on a routine basis and is very familiar with the value of common items. For those items, she can provide you with valuation ranges. (By natures, less common items, such as original art by specific artists required research.) In addition, we believe in not only helping clients identify items they own, but provide valuations and educate our clients on the factors that influence value.

A verbal consultation can provide you with a wealth of information, and if you only need a general valuation for ceramics, glassware, 20th century furniture and general collectibles, a verbal consultation may be an alternative. It is not a replacement for an insurance or estate appraisal, but often meets the needs of our clients who simply want to “know what something is worth.” A verbal consultation is a little like your own personal Antiques Roadshow consultation!